About us

About BizReporters:

BizReporters was created by a group of friends living over 2,900 miles apart. Two in California

and 3 in New York. A common theme among today’s professionals which has been made all the

more common thanks in large part to the internet and the “network society” that resulted from

the digital revolution. Whether you met in college, high school, or some other time in life,

chances are high that distance has or will come between you and some of those that you are

closest to.

We found ourselves in this quandary and that is how BizReporters was born. Desire to stay in

touch was there and so was the time, but what we found we were lacking was content. You

become closest, by default, with coworkers and people that share the same interests and

experiences as you. In other words you become closest with those who help you make up the

content of your life.

At BizReporters, our mission is to deliver that content to you and your closest friends no matter

where you are. One content source for everything informational, funny, entertaining, and viral. If

it interests you, we are going to bring it to you. Each day. Everyday.