cuseWe all remember hearing about how Syracuse wasn’t even supposed to make it to the NCAA tournament this year with their 19-13 regular season record (9-9 ACC) and seemingly sub-par play. They looked like a mediocre ACC team that more so belonged in the NIT than the NCAA tournament. But once March came, Syracuse limped in to the tournament as a 10-seed. Some say they got in because of their storied tradition, others say it’s because of how deep the ACC is. A little bit of luck got them in and the Orange have not looked back. The feeling of Syracuse as underdogs is hard to get used to but they have wrecked brackets since they played 7-seed Dayton back on March 18th. The Orange look to upset another 1-seed UNC on April 2nd as they have already upset 1-seed Virginia. Here is a look at some crazy Syracuse stats:

  • Syracuse is the fourth team ever to be a double digit seed in the Final Four. Joining the ranks of LSU (1985), George Mason (2006), and VCU (2011).
  • Syracuse’s starting 5 all average over 30 minutes of playing time a game, DaJuan Coleman is next up with just 17.5 minutes a game.
  • Syracuse lost in the First Round of the ACC tournament this year to Pittsburgh (third loss of the year to Pitt).
  • At the start of tournament play, the official odds of Syracuse making it to the championship were 300-1.
  • This is Syracuse’s sixth trip to the Final Four (1975, 1987, 1996, 2003, 2013).
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Kendall & Kylie Jenner – Twinning!

Emily Ratajkowski

Eva Longoria

Jennifer Aniston

Brooklyn Decker

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AT&T Stadium: Dallas Cowboys
Home to the Cowyboys and Jerry Jones, AT&T Stadium is the biggest and baddest of them all. What did you expect? Everything is bigger in Texas. Packing in 100,000 fans and a giant HDTV makes this place top of the league.

Levis Stadium: San Fransisco 49ers
So what if they are having a tough start. Their stadium is much more impressive than their record and that’s half the fun of going to games. This is the NFL’s newest stadium with more technology than a computer nerd can handle. You can order food and beverages from your seat while enjoying free Wi-Fi, and watch football if you want.

Sports Authority Field: Denver Broncos
What’s not to love breathing in mountain air, looking at the Rocky Mountains in the distance and watching Peyton Manning throw bullets up and down the field. Beer is cheap and the upper deck has quite the view here in Denver – the Sunshine State.

Century Link Field: Seattle Seahawks
Home of the 12th man, this stadium rocks, and it rocks loud. Looking past the field at beautiful downtown Seattle in between plays is nothing short of fantastic. Not to mention the Pacific Ocean is a few miles away.

Heinz Field: Pittsburgh
Home of the Steelers and the Terrible Towel located on the river, Heinz Field offers a unique tailgate where boaters can tie up to the walls and join the party. With a beautiful city in the background and mega fan base this stadium boasts everything a stadium should be and more.

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Hot Sexy Business Woman

These ladies are hot, sexy and worth $$! Check out the list below before you start swiping right on that tinerella…


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Marissa Mayer
Not only is she taking the mobile scene by the horns, Yahoo’s stock price has doubled over the first 14 months since Mayer came on board. Now that’s sexy.
Marissa Mayer

Sara Blakley
Over a billion dollar net worth and President of her own company Spanx responsible for half of those sexy yoga pants you see woman wearing these days. I think we have a lot to thank Sara for.
Sara Blakley

Caterina Fake
Co-founder of Flickr, she’s got the geeky girl next door look going for her. Caterina is one you would bring home to your parents driving the new Porsche Turbo she would pick up for you.

Caterina Fake

Sheryl Sandber
COO of Facebook, not the cutest one in town but let’s face it for a chance to meet the Zuck you would tap that.
Sheryl Sandberg - Washington, DC

Taylor Swift
How could we forget, she refused to put her music on Spotify and then forced Apple Music to change the way it compensated musicians. Top that off with four No. 1 hits and you have yourself one bad bit**.

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  • NETFLIX is on Point this January
  • NETFLIX is on Point this January
  • NETFLIX is on Point this January
  • NETFLIX is on Point this January
  • NETFLIX is on Point this January
  • NETFLIX is on Point this January
  • NETFLIX is on Point this January
  • NETFLIX is on Point this January
  • NETFLIX is on Point this January
  • NETFLIX is on Point this January

Here’s what you should be watching! Skip that ‘Making a Murder’ Show…

  1. Z Nation: Season 2
  2. Un Oso Rojo
  3. Training Day
  4. Tom Segura: Mostly Stories
  5. Sworfish
  6. Rosario Tijoras
  7. Moonwalkers
  8. Journey to Le Mans
  9. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 10
  10. Drones
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Water and Food. You guessed it – basic life necessities! Bring a bottle of water with you on the plane in your carry and a snack. You don’t want to wait 45 minutes for the cart to roll around only to give you a Dixie cup full of water and some unsalted nuts.

Make sure you have your tablet or phone with you that can connect to Wi-Fi. Most airlines now offer free movies and shows via their Wi-Fi hook up. Or rent a movie on your tablet and download it so you can watch it in flight. Buy it HERE.

Yes, you need a good pair of headphones. Our recommendation would be the Bose noise canceling headphones since they work fantastic and block out all the crying babies.
“Turtle, get the f*cking headphones!!” –E, Entourage
Save a trip to the Bose store and scoop up a pair of Bose wireless headphones HERE.

Neck Pillow.
They work folks. I have used them countless times and they work each and every time, especially for long lights. Don’t buy one in the airport unless you’re desperate. Memory foam is where it is at and you can get it HERE.

A Light Jacket.
Bring some sort of light jacket, fleece or sweatshirt for the plane. You’ll thank me when the A/C is full bore. Under Armour has superior products and that is why you should buy it HERE.

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