It’s that time of year! Powder is on the ground and its time to find an adventure. Monster does it right with jacked up, trax’d up trucks, boards and sleds. Get your gear and get our there!!!

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Lamborghinis can drive through flood waters? New feature or lucky driver. You decide!

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Personally I hate driving in the snow but I’ve never had the opportunity to whip a Lambo in the winter. Based on this video I might move back North and buy a Lamborghini Gallardo with the extra $181,000 I have laying around.

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Top 4 European Sports Cars_2

The BMW M6 has been around since 2006. A couple of facelifts, some added technology and you have one of the most impressive machines on the market. Add in BMW’s luxurious touches and refined interior and this super car is turning heads and breaking necks. It’s sleek lines and profound style make this car one of the most sought after sports cars.

Top 4 European Sports Cars_1

The Porsche 911 Turbo is one of the finest sports cars on the market. While it has been around for years, this super car has continued to wow customers and avid fans for decades. With stunning acceleration and impeccable handling on the pavement, we can’t find a reason not to add this to our list.

Top 4 European Sports Cars_2

Audi R8 – Fairly recent to the super-car rolodex, this beast has made all of the major European Car manufacturers scratch their heads, more than once. Jaw dropping style, Audi’s luxury reputation and more power than your average Vette, this sports car just set the high bar for generations to come.

Top 4 European Sports Cars_3

Ferrari 458 Italia – Few cars can run on the same track with this beauty. With over 560HP, and a 7 speed dual clutch, this is about as close as you can come to a pure sports car. She’ll do 0-60mph in 3 seconds flat, and sound like a bat out of hell.



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BMW I8 Starting at $136,500. This Hybrid Plug-In BMW allows you to experience the power of a TwinTurbo engine with the efficiency of an electric motor that combines BMW’s luxury, performance and ultimate sports luxury car. BMW’s Electric Lifestyle allows you to charge the vehicle at home, at a mobile charging station and even using solar energy.


BMW 760Li Starting at $140,000. This full size, luxury vehicle is propelled with a V 12 engine and 8 speed transmission. Designed for ultimate luxury, with class leading innovation and design, the BMW 7 Series is the standard for luxury automakers.


BMW M6 Convertible starting at $118,700. Extraordinary performance combined with superior comfort and technology, this class leader exemplifies a true European sports car. The BMW M6 is a larger sports car with room for 4 and more agile than she looks.


BMW X6M starting at $102,200. This 567 horsepower Sports Activity Coupe goes form 0 to 60mph in 4.0 seconds. With responsive handling, stunning curves, and it’s even bolder growl, this “SAC” lets you own any road you tread down.


BMW X5M starting at $98,800. The BMW X5M is the world class standard for any SUV. With BMW x-Drive and 567 HP, this beast has no limit to where it can go. Bold looks and superior technology allow this SUV to be as much as family vehicle as a track contender.

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Truck 5

The Chevy Silverado 3500 is bad to the bone. The dually carries the Duramax 6.6L engine with variable timing V8 SFI engine, You might think this monster is only built for tough work, but inside you’ll find beautifully wrapped leather seats, LCD touch screen built into the dash, and an assortment of options you’d expect in any luxury automaker.

Truck 1

GMC Sierra 2500 HD – This bad boy not only stuns with it’s looks, but also boasts the same 6,6L Duramax engine that it’s bigger brother, the 3500 has. Loaded with options, the Sierra is one of the most popular trucks on the market. Don’t forget the Denali Package which makes the pickup truck a little more pretty.

Truck 2

Ford F-150 Black Ops – When you say “bad ass truck” this is exactly what should come to mind. Blacked out, monster truck tires and a low, rumbling exhaust that will leave others staring off in the distance. Custom stitched logos into the seats and dash, this truck is far from an ordinary pickup truck

Truck 3

Ford Raptor – One of the first of it’s breed, the Ford Raptor made it’s first impression long lasting for those real men out there looking for something more bad ass than dad’s old pickup truck. The Ford Raptor looks as good on the inside as it does on the out, with enough power and torque to complete just about any man task.

Truck 4

Dodge Ram 2500 – The Dodge Ram 2500 has been around for years. Just recently have they given the truck a much needed facelift This truck defines tough, mean and bad ass. Oh yeah, it’s got a HEMI. Put this bad boy to work and you wont be disappointed!

Truck 5

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Over the summer when gas prices were at an all time high, SUV owners that wanted to trade in their gas guzzling vehicles were stuck. Many car dealerships refused to take trucks and SUV’s in on trade and without this option, many SUV owners were not able to trade into smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles. At the time, everyone was wondering if SUV’s would be worth more when gas went down.

Dealerships were faced with a dilemma that had never been seen before. The SUV market was very volatile, the NADA books that dealers rely on to value used cars could not be updated as quickly as the market was fluctuating. The dealers could not resell the used SUV’s and therefore, they could not take them in on trade. For example, a new car dealer typically takes used cars that are taken in on trade to dealer only auctions, while gas prices were high, no one, not even used car dealers were buying SUV’s. The bottom had literally dropped out of the SUV market as everyone was scrambling to purchase smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles. For the first time in many years, small fuel efficient vehicles were surpassing the demand for more family friendly SUV’s. Many car dealers were left with a large number of SUV’s sitting idle on their lots, they were hoping that SUV’s would be worth more when gas went down.

Now that gas prices have fallen, SUV owners are returning to the new car lots wondering if SUV’s are worth more now that gas is down. The good news is that it appears most consumers have a pretty short attention span because the value of SUV’s have indeed increased and appears to be returning to pre gas crisis prices. Unfortunately for struggling car manufacturers, as gas prices continue to fall, it seems that more and more SUV owners are content to keep their super sized vehicles instead of trading down to smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles.

With car manufacturers and dealers having a dismal business outlook, many wonder if the gas crisis was good for the automobile industry. When gas prices went up, customers were eager to trade their vehicles. Now that fuel prices have stabilized and fallen, consumers seem to be holding onto their vehicles longer due to the uncertainty in the economy. While the SUV may be worth more when gas went down, it does not seem to have been enough of an incentive to lure consumers back into the showroom.

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