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The business and technology world of today is run by young and wildly successful entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley. Leaders like Steve Jobs (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Elon Musk (Tesla), Brian Chesky (Airbnb) and Travis Kalanick (Uber) share a few things in common. Here they are to help your Indian business kick off in the right direction!

1. Think Global: One thing all of the above Entrepreneurs and Companies above share is a Global Business. Today’s online world gives access to anyone anywhere (as long as they have internet) access to your business or service. The above models haven’t been designed only for the markets they are made in, but for global economies localized to support countries like Bali and Thailand for (Airbnb), anywhere in the world there is a taxi (Uber) and virtually anywhere there is an online connection and a person or business (facebook). Make sure your Indian business isn’t just tailored to its local market but also growing markets your products or services can be useful in.

2. Be Organized: These guys or girls didn’t get to the top by just coming up with ideas and working hard. They’re disciplined, organized and make each decision like a moving chess piece, anticipating their competitors or opponents next 10 or 20 moves. Which steps will you take that will help you grow today and in the next year or two?
3. Work Life Balance: Although working hard (and very hard) is a major criteria, so is having fun. If you’ve heard the term “Work Hard, Play Hard” then now is the time to stand by it. Success depends as much on taking some time off to reflect as working 14 hour days 6 days a week.

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Show Silicon Valley

O mundo dos negócios e da tecnologia de hoje é dirigida por empresários jovens e de grande sucesso no Vale do Silício. Líderes como Steve Jobs (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Elon Musk (Tesla), Brian Chesky (Airbnb) e Travis Kalanick (Uber) compartilham algumas coisas em comum. Aqui estão eles para ajudar a sua empresa indiana pontapé de saída na direção certa!

1. Pensar Global: Uma coisa que todos os empresários acima e Empresas acima referidas partes é uma empresa global. Mundo online de hoje dá acesso a qualquer pessoa em qualquer lugar (desde que eles têm internet) o acesso ao seu negócio ou serviço. Os modelos anteriores não foram projetados apenas para os mercados em que são feitas, mas para as economias globais localizadas para apoiar países como Tailândia e Bali para (Airbnb), em qualquer lugar do mundo há um táxi (Uber) e praticamente qualquer lugar onde haja uma conexão on-line e uma pessoa ou empresa (facebook). Certifique-se de sua empresa Brasileiros não é apenas adaptada ao seu mercado local, mas também crescendo mercados seus produtos ou serviços podem ser úteis na.

2. Seja organizado: Esses caras ou meninas não chegar ao topo por apenas chegando com idéias e trabalhando duro. Eles são disciplinados, organizados e fazer com que cada decisão como uma peça de xadrez em movimento, antecipando os seus concorrentes ou adversários próximos 10 ou 20 movimentos. Que medidas vai tomar que irá ajudá-lo a crescer hoje e no próximo ano ou dois?

3. Trabalho equilíbrio entre vida: Embora trabalhando duro (e muito difícil) é um dos principais critérios, portanto, está se divertindo. Se você já ouviu o termo “Work Hard, Play Hard”, então agora é a hora de apoiá-la. Sucesso depende tanto de tirar algum tempo para refletir como 14 horas por dia a trabalhar 6 dias por semana.

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Hot Sexy Business Woman

These ladies are hot, sexy and worth $$! Check out the list below before you start swiping right on that tinerella…


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Marissa Mayer
Not only is she taking the mobile scene by the horns, Yahoo’s stock price has doubled over the first 14 months since Mayer came on board. Now that’s sexy.
Marissa Mayer

Sara Blakley
Over a billion dollar net worth and President of her own company Spanx responsible for half of those sexy yoga pants you see woman wearing these days. I think we have a lot to thank Sara for.
Sara Blakley

Caterina Fake
Co-founder of Flickr, she’s got the geeky girl next door look going for her. Caterina is one you would bring home to your parents driving the new Porsche Turbo she would pick up for you.

Caterina Fake

Sheryl Sandber
COO of Facebook, not the cutest one in town but let’s face it for a chance to meet the Zuck you would tap that.
Sheryl Sandberg - Washington, DC

Taylor Swift
How could we forget, she refused to put her music on Spotify and then forced Apple Music to change the way it compensated musicians. Top that off with four No. 1 hits and you have yourself one bad bit**.

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5 Habits of Highly Successful People

1. WAKE UP EARLY – Take the day by storm. Don’t snooze your alarm clock. Some of the most successful people in the world are waking up way before sunrise in order to tackle some of the day’s most important tasks. They are also taking those early hours to be uninterrupted and work on themselves whether its goal setting, mediating or simply prioritizing for the day.


2. GET FIT  Yes, you guessed it, most of their success has come from hard work, long days and a being very active. One of the best ways to train your body and your mind, decreases depression and increase positive vibes to get moving. Weights, cardio; whichever your pleasure make you are moving for at least 30 minutes a day.


3. PRIORITIZE  You need to lay out each day with your tasks that need to be completed. Make sure your agenda has each item prioritized so you’re spending your time wisely on the items that matter most.


4. DO WHAT YOU LOVE  Whether it’s Tom Brady or Warren Buffet, these gents always make time to do something they love each day. Maybe it’s more family time, maybe it’s a certain activity, whatever it is, you need to make time for it so that you can take your mind off current stressors and enjoy life.


5. KEEP IT GOING  Once you start building momentum that’s no reason to stop or look back. A lot of people tend to have a big sale or make a big break and then they put it in cruise control. The only way to the top is to keep climbing. Use that momentum to create more.


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When you think about Richard Branson, you’re probably picturing hot-air balloons, extravagant cruises, fast cars and beautiful women. Most people perceive the lifestyles of the mega-rich as being full of lavish spending, opulence and grand gestures. The truth is somewhat different.

In reality, tremendously successful people often find their pleasures in surprisingly normal and mundane activities. This is important to know, because if you’re ever going to be successful, you can’t have misconceptions about what being rich and famous entails. Here are some things highly successful people like doing that you might not know about.


  1. They like helping other people.

Most people think of CEOs and business owners as money-grubbing, cutthroat individuals who only care about themselves. Therefore, it might be surprising for you to learn that successful business owners spend a lot of their time and money giving back to the community.


  1. They like the comfort of their own home.

Having a lot of money means that, if you choose to do so, you could stay in the most luxurious hotels all over the world. But most successful CEOs already travel so much that whenever possible, they like to sleep in their own beds. There truly is no place like home.


  1. They have normal hobbies.

Successful business owners like to indulge themselves in simple things. Some like to play a musical instrument while others take up gardening or painting.


  1. They love hard work.

If you’ve got millions of dollars in the bank, you wouldn’t work a day in your life, right? Wrong. Wealthy people are addicted to the rewards of hard work. They don’t find a lazy, stress-free existence desirable.


  1. They cherish their solitude.

One of the by-products of success is being thrust into the limelight. Since they’re already such public figures, most of these people enjoy spending quiet moments by themselves or with their loved ones whenever possible.


Society tends to alternate between worshipping successful CEOs as role models and criticizing them for prioritizing profits over everything else. In reality, they are normal people like everyone else. They’re just prepared to do things that most other people can’t or won’t.


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