Yes, Apple is thinking of it all! With the new update to iOS coming out soon there is a new feature that with allow you to adjust, apply and set screen coloring. Basically you can fill your screen with warm or cool tones so that the visual is easier on your eyes before bedtime–scientist think this will help you sleep like a baby if you are staring at your device before bed. Crazy, I know but think it’s worth a try!

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Water and Food. You guessed it – basic life necessities! Bring a bottle of water with you on the plane in your carry and a snack. You don’t want to wait 45 minutes for the cart to roll around only to give you a Dixie cup full of water and some unsalted nuts.

Make sure you have your tablet or phone with you that can connect to Wi-Fi. Most airlines now offer free movies and shows via their Wi-Fi hook up. Or rent a movie on your tablet and download it so you can watch it in flight. Buy it HERE.

Yes, you need a good pair of headphones. Our recommendation would be the Bose noise canceling headphones since they work fantastic and block out all the crying babies.
“Turtle, get the f*cking headphones!!” –E, Entourage
Save a trip to the Bose store and scoop up a pair of Bose wireless headphones HERE.

Neck Pillow.
They work folks. I have used them countless times and they work each and every time, especially for long lights. Don’t buy one in the airport unless you’re desperate. Memory foam is where it is at and you can get it HERE.

A Light Jacket.
Bring some sort of light jacket, fleece or sweatshirt for the plane. You’ll thank me when the A/C is full bore. Under Armour has superior products and that is why you should buy it HERE.

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Don’t be like Clark Griswold when cooking your Thanksgiving Turkey this year.

Chef Lisa Beels explains the top 5 common mistakes to avoid when cooking your turkey.

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1. Everyone must bring something – Yes, that means you too, even if you host the party. You must provide alcohol, food and some fun. Perhaps you have a trivia contest and the winner gets a bottle of booze, a gift certificate or frozen turkey. But your job is to play host, not to cook every dish in the place. Everyone needs to bring a dish to pass and help prepare it – or they go home.

2. Stuffing – Make sure there is a lot of stuffing. If someone makes a comment about too much stuffing then you slap them in the face.

3. Step up your Turkey Day Apparel – This isn’t Thanksgiving with your grandparents who already think you’re not funny. This is with your friends, your bro’s – a great time to be thankful for the debauchery you and your friends have lived through over the years. So why not continue it and crush an ugly sweater, maybe some turkey pants and perhaps a hat that screams “everyone look at me.”

4. Don’t be that guy sitting on the couch watching football all night. Everyone knows that guy and you shouldn’t be it. Also, don’t be the drunkest one at the party acting like a buffoon. Graze the apps, take down a few big gulps and help your buddies fry that turkey that you have been talking about for months.

5.Last but not least make sure everyone is having a good time. If they aren’t, then start pouring stiffer drinks and crank up the tunes.

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