Ever seen a duck fight?  No Way.  Cause the other animals are afraid.

When times get tough this week, just be a duck.

How about it?  Who is a duck? Quack, Quack, Quack

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Even if Monday beats you 53 out of 54 time, remember there is always that 1 time.  Now go kick Monday’s ass.

*Junior keeps his mouth shut until the end then kills it. Typical…

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Forget your semi-ironed chinos and full wrinkled button down and throw on your neon singlet. Follow these instruction to top off your Mojo for this week.

1. Throw in your earbuds
2. Press play on Madonna’s Like a Prayer
3. Make the greatest entrance any of your co-workers have ever seen
4. Pin Monday for a 3 count

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If you are an early riser and have an extra 2 hours and 22 minutes before you parade into work I suggest you watch all of Shawshank Redemption.  If not, watch this quick 3 minutes clip from the movie to top off your Mojo for the week.

There are two ways to be busy this week……Get busy living or get busy dying

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If this doesn’t put lead in your pencil, then I don’t know what will.

That’s it skippy. Pack your shit. Let’s go!

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We get it, Mondays suck!  So sit down in your uncomfortable desk chair that makes your lower back throb, fire up your Lonovo, take a sip of your delicious Keurig, and get crazy with our BizReporters’ weekly Mojo Monday video pick.  Guaranteed to get your juices flowing first thing Monday morning.

The best (and only) video for Week 1 is Alec Baldwin’s speech from none other than GlenGarry Glen Ross.

“Lets talk about something important.  PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN!”

Oh, have I got your attention now?

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