Short film by Michael Reiner who isn’t scared to interview the homeless about the Super Bowl in their home town.

“How would it feel to be told you’re not welcome in the city you live? I started this film in early January, knowing about the mayor’s plans to move homeless people away from “Super Bowl City.” For four days, I went out and listened to anyone on the streets interested in sharing their story. What I found is that there are plenty of intelligent, kind hearted people who have been dealt a bad hand. To make matters worse, they live under the constant threat of further displacement.

A special thank you to Ivan Cash.
With support from Emily Froug, Sasha Riddle, and Cash Studios.

Music: Ascent by Jon Luc Hefferman & Mist and Clouds by Kai Engel.”

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Transcripts of over a month of text messages between drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman and Mexican actress Kate del Castillo showed the capo was less interested in making a movie about his life than he was in flirting with the actress.

The transcripts published Wednesday by the newspaper Milenio — and confirmed as authentic by a federal official — showed that Guzman’s main concern was getting face-to-face get-togethers with Del Castillo, and that he didn’t even really know who Sean Penn was.

Penn has acknowledged that he tagged along for the Oct. 2 meeting at a mountain hideout originally set up by Del Castillo.

“What’s that actor’s name?” the account identified as Guzman’s writes in one message. He later asks his lawyers to tell him what movies Penn has appeared in. Even when Guzman dedicated a video statement as an “exclusive for” Del Castillo and Penn, the drug lord stumbles over Penn’s first name, pronouncing it “SAY-ahn.”

The federal official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he or she was not authorized to be quoted by name, said the dozens of texts were authentic. Many expressed admiration and a longing for the next meeting, more than concern about the purported movie project.

“I’ll tell you, I am more excited about you than the (movie) script,” Guzman wrote to Del Castillo. He identified her identified in his chat or text account as “ermoza,” a misspelling of the Spanish word for “beautiful.” ”I’ll take care of you,” he adds.

Another text from the drug lord reads: “How is the best and most intelligent woman in the world, who I admire a lot?” At one point, Guzman — who is reportedly married to former beauty queen Emma Coronel, and has had children with her and several other women — writes “My mother wants to meet you. I told her about you.”

“I want you with all my heart,” he wrote.

Del Castillo responds in kind. “Apart from our (movie) project, I am very excited about seeing you eye to eye, in person,” she wrote, adding later “we will embrace each other soon!”

Asked about the text messages at a public event on Wednesday, Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong declined to say anything about them and said the Attorney General’s Office would comment on the matter soon.

Del Castillo’s representatives did not respond to email requests to comment on the texts. But on Wednesday evening via her Twitter account she thanked people for their support in recent days.

“Not surprisingly, many have chosen to make up items they think will make good stories and that aren’t truthful. I look forward to sharing my story with you,” she wrote.

In the messages, even Guzman recognizes that Mexican or U.S. intelligence officials were probably following or monitoring many of the people who knew him. The drug lord tells one of his lawyers in another chat, “the DEA has all her devices tapped, and at her house the DEA has cameras to see who visits her,” apparently referring to a women who was to meet with the actress.

In light of that, it is surprising that Guzman, who spent years evading capture, would have continued in such constant contact with the actress. While authorities narrowly missed capturing Guzman when they raided the hideout where the meeting took place in October, they finally got him on Friday.

Mexican federal officials have confirmed that the drug lord appears to have been infatuated with the actress. And when Mexican marines raided the house where he had been hiding Friday, they found injectable testosterone, a treatment sometimes used to boost the male libido. It was unclear, however, if the medication belonged to Guzman or one of his associates.

The explanation might simply have been infatuation — something that would not be out of character for Guzman.

“What’s new about this? That Guzman has a weakness for women? He has 18 children, he’s married to a woman 30 years younger than him,” said Alejandro Hope, a security analyst in Mexico City. “What’s new about that?”

Hope cautioned that having leaked the transcripts might give Guzman’s lawyers ammunition to argue the government had violated legal requirements to keep evidence in criminal cases confidential.

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What looks to be a series of scheduled attacks on Paris has tragically
killed over 60 people and wounded over 40. Police have been working on
freeing hostages in a concert hall. It appears that two terrorists
with machine guns walked into the theater and opened fire on a full
audience. Police have brought out at least 100 hostage at the Bataclan
concert venue. It appears that the terrorist were wearing black and
firing Ak-47’s killing people execution style. The terrorists we’re
not wearing masks. It is believed that they were younger men, in their

There also looks to be a bombing at a stadium in France known as the
Stade de France which is outside the city of Paris. Police believe it
to be a suicide bombing. Paris has declared a state of emergency and
France’s boarders are now closed. Six or more shootings have occurred
in Paris and three explosions at this point. The bombing at the
stadium appeared to be during the France vs. Germany soccer game. An
absolute horrific chain of events with inhumane crimes in which we
keep the families of those affected in our prayers. #PrayforParis

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