Yes, Apple is thinking of it all! With the new update to iOS coming out soon there is a new feature that with allow you to adjust, apply and set screen coloring. Basically you can fill your screen with warm or cool tones so that the visual is easier on your eyes before bedtime–scientist think this will help you sleep like a baby if you are staring at your device before bed. Crazy, I know but think it’s worth a try!

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In an unusual moment at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, two U.S. federal marshals showed up at a Chinese company’s booth and carried away their one-wheeled skateboard that was on display. The raid on the show floor was the result of a weeks long effort by Future Motion, a Silicon Valley startup that said it invented and patented a self-balancing electric skateboard that looks strikingly similar to the ones the marshals confiscated. Bloomberg Business’s Josh Brustein was there and tells us what happened.

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Best 4K TVs

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TVs with 4K resolution, a.k.a. Ultra High Definition (UHD), are finally getting affordable, and over the next few years they’ll overtake 1080p resolution TVs in popularity. They still cost more today, however, and generally offer sleeker designs, more features and better picture quality to tempt buyers to spend the extra buck. Even though the benefits of 4K resolution itself are tough to discern, and actual 4K TV shows and movies are still rare, these TVs represent the future (for now). So get ready for the Big Game with a new TV!


The Vizio M series is one of the least-expensive 4K TVs you can buy. Its picture quality, thanks to full-array local dimming, delivers deep black levels and excellent contrast for an LCD TV. Color accuracy and some aspects of video processing are solid, and input lag for gaming is among the lowest we’ve ever tested. The Vizio’s feature set is well-chosen but not bloated, and it includes excellent connectivity with five 4K-compatible HDMI inputs.


The LG EF9500 OLED TV’s picture quality is better than that of any LCD or plasma TV we’ve seen, with perfect black levels and exceedingly bright whites. It’s equally adept in bright and dark rooms; showed accurate color, excellent uniformity and solid video processing; and looks better from off-angle than any LED LCD. The TV looks striking in person, with an insane 0.25-inch depth on most of its body. It’s flat, not curved like other OLED TVs, and supports future HDR sources via HDMI.


The Samsung UNJS9500 series produces one of the best pictures of any LED LCD we’ve tested, with excellent contrast, deep black levels and superb color and video processing. It can get brighter than OLED TVs. The redesigned Smart TV system and remote are simpler than ever to use, its cutting-edge connectivity and other features can be upgraded in the future, and its design is sleek and attractive.

Head over to CNET for more information!

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Disney Research and ETH Zurich just created this robot that can change from driving on the ground to climbing up walls. The robot uses rotating propellers to switch from ground to wall.

Great gift idea for anyone (any age) special in your life.

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1. SPEAKERS. Apple put four speakers into this giant tablet. Many have experienced the iPad Air 2 and the poor sound from the quiet speakers. That should not be a problem with the iPad Pro. Apple says the iPad pro will pump out up to three times more output than any other iPad, so while the iPad pro might be large, you can forget about carrying a Bluetooth speaker. This could be a bad thing for those of us who use public transportation and get stuck sitting next to the guy who forgot his earbuds and thinks it’s OK to share his entertainment with you. Don’t be that guy.

2. LAPTOP REPLACEMENT. For some, this could replace a laptop. There are people out there that are perfectly content using a phone or a tablet as their primary computer. If you’re one of those people, the iPad pro looks like a good solution. There likely will still be a lot of drawbacks for the business user so we recommend a bit more research before you decide to trade in your Surface Pro for the iPad Pro.

3. WEIGHT. For a giant tablet, it’s actually pretty light weighing in at 1.57 pounds which is almost equal to the size of two iPad Airs stuck together. In the debut, Apple mentioned that the iPad Pro weighs a bit more than the Original iPad that weighed 1.50.

4. ACCESSORIES. The pencil aka stylus has been a request for a long time and for a price you can now have one. Better than the stylus though in our opinion is the addition of the smart keyboard cover. Sure, it is a clear rip-off of the Surface Pro, but who cares. Having a keyboard that is also your cover means you are always going to have it and hopefully since both the tablet and keyboard are made from the same manufacturer you should be able to rest assured that it will function as designed every time. The iPad pro also introduced a new connector, the three pen smart connector for its keyboard cover. Logitech even announced it will release a new iPad Pro keyboard so expect third parties to jump on this smart connector bandwagon.

5. SPEED. This is the machine that IOS nine was truly built for. The ability to have two iPad apps running at one time and picture to picture video. That should work really well on the iPad Pro. On top of that, it’s got a faster processor than the iPad Air 2, and according to some reports, it has double the RAM of the iPad Air 2 as well. Additionally, this tablet looks to be aimed at both creative professionals and people looking for productivity.

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Whether you are 10 or 50, you can’t deny these tools are awesome- guaranteed to make you into a badass overnight.  Without these tool this guy is probably a public accountant but this his tools, he is a straight BAS ASS!

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