AT&T Stadium: Dallas Cowboys
Home to the Cowyboys and Jerry Jones, AT&T Stadium is the biggest and baddest of them all. What did you expect? Everything is bigger in Texas. Packing in 100,000 fans and a giant HDTV makes this place top of the league.

Levis Stadium: San Fransisco 49ers
So what if they are having a tough start. Their stadium is much more impressive than their record and that’s half the fun of going to games. This is the NFL’s newest stadium with more technology than a computer nerd can handle. You can order food and beverages from your seat while enjoying free Wi-Fi, and watch football if you want.

Sports Authority Field: Denver Broncos
What’s not to love breathing in mountain air, looking at the Rocky Mountains in the distance and watching Peyton Manning throw bullets up and down the field. Beer is cheap and the upper deck has quite the view here in Denver – the Sunshine State.

Century Link Field: Seattle Seahawks
Home of the 12th man, this stadium rocks, and it rocks loud. Looking past the field at beautiful downtown Seattle in between plays is nothing short of fantastic. Not to mention the Pacific Ocean is a few miles away.

Heinz Field: Pittsburgh
Home of the Steelers and the Terrible Towel located on the river, Heinz Field offers a unique tailgate where boaters can tie up to the walls and join the party. With a beautiful city in the background and mega fan base this stadium boasts everything a stadium should be and more.

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Each year REEF selects hotties to represent the company in what better than a bikini in an exotic place. This year they were in jungles of Costa Allegre and the girls are unreal!

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Water and Food. You guessed it – basic life necessities! Bring a bottle of water with you on the plane in your carry and a snack. You don’t want to wait 45 minutes for the cart to roll around only to give you a Dixie cup full of water and some unsalted nuts.

Make sure you have your tablet or phone with you that can connect to Wi-Fi. Most airlines now offer free movies and shows via their Wi-Fi hook up. Or rent a movie on your tablet and download it so you can watch it in flight. Buy it HERE.

Yes, you need a good pair of headphones. Our recommendation would be the Bose noise canceling headphones since they work fantastic and block out all the crying babies.
“Turtle, get the f*cking headphones!!” –E, Entourage
Save a trip to the Bose store and scoop up a pair of Bose wireless headphones HERE.

Neck Pillow.
They work folks. I have used them countless times and they work each and every time, especially for long lights. Don’t buy one in the airport unless you’re desperate. Memory foam is where it is at and you can get it HERE.

A Light Jacket.
Bring some sort of light jacket, fleece or sweatshirt for the plane. You’ll thank me when the A/C is full bore. Under Armour has superior products and that is why you should buy it HERE.

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Grace Bay Turks & Caicos – Located in the Providenciales of the Turks & Caicos, white sandy beach is a must go travel destination. With beautiful coral reefs, and lush, tropical gardens, this beach is beautiful hideaway located on a fantastic island.

Exumas Bahamas – Located off the coast of Nassau, sapphire blue water surrounds these tropical islands. Exotic huts, white sandy beaches and rows of palm trees frequent these beautiful islands. Just a boat ride away from Nassau, a must go to travel spot.

Best Caribbean Beaches_3

Cinnamon Bay St. Johns – Looking to snorkel or scuba dive? Some of the best happens right here in St. Johns Cinnamon Bay. The water doesn’t get much clearer and the sand doesn’t get much whiter. With a beautiful, rocky coast and lush, tropical forests, Cinnamon Bay is home to many celebrities and their big time yachts.

Bavarao Beach Dominican Republic – Punta Cana has some of the best beaches on the planet earth. On the eastern tip of the Dominica, you’ll find the sands lined with palm trees, sprawling across miles and miles of pristine, clear water.

Best Caribbean Beaches_5

St Lucia – Glorious beaches, crystal clear water and white sand seem to be pretty common in the Caribbean. However, the lush, blue waters and tropical mountain landscape scrolls this entire island making it one of the best in the Caribbean.

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Joshua Tree National Park

When you visit Joshua Tree National Park, it’s almost like a trip to another planet. Both in terms of the environment and the energy, majestic is just one word to describe it. This is the place where you load up on mushrooms (not the kind for cooking) and go come up with the next revolutionary idea.

Yosemite Park

Not only one of the most breathtaking places in California or the United States, but probably the world. This global attraction has an ecosystem of it’s own. Expect to run into deer, coyotes and even black bears. Make sure you plan this one in advance, campsites are often booked fully on the first day of the open season.

Echo Lake

Diamond in the rough in all shapes and forms. This is one you won’t learn about from your average travelers book. It has a little shop at the lakes loading dock, with some of the best milkshakes you’ll ever try. Take their ferry across the lake for wilderness and hiking. You’ll need your backpack and light tent for this adventure.

Big Sur

If you’re from another country and visiting California for the infamous HWY 101 road trip, this is a place you’ll want to stop in. The drive to Big Sure provides some of the most magnificent scenic routes in the country, campgrounds surrounded by massive redwood trees and a breathtaking waterfall on Mcway trail.

Lake Utica

Have you ever wanted to pile your bag and gear on a kayak to row over to the snazziest camp spot you could find? Well, now you can. Lake Utica is a real treasure, isolated enough to help you truly feel disconnected. Campfires are allowed during the season and if you’re lucky you might even find the infamous rope swing.

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