This year’s version of the NHL All-Star game in Nashville set records for TV ratings on NBCSN. The 1.17 rating was up 24% compared to last year’s All-Star game held in Columbus. The Top 5 viewership markets were as follows:

T1. Buffalo & Pittsburgh (3.7)

  1. Chicago (3.3)
    T4. St. Louis & Detroit (2.9)

The biggest reason for the spike in interest was undoubtedly the participation of John Scott in this year’s game. The 6’8, 270lb enforcer led all NHL players in fan voting and was one of four captains for the game. Who were the other three captains? Jaromir Jagr, Alexander Ovechkin, and Patrick Kane. Scott’s 5 career goals in 285 games played doesn’t exactly match Jagr’s 738 in 1,599 games, Ovechkin’s 504 in 808 games, or Kane’s 237 in 632 games. Regardless, NHL fans and many common sports fans couldn’t wait to see him play with the leagues most talented in a newly formatted 3 on 3 game. There was excitement throughout the entire game and Scott provided pure entertainment. Evidence of this can be found in the link below where he hits and “fights” Patrick Kane (5’11, 177lb). The NHL might want to have John Scott participate in every All-Star game for the rest of his career after the results received from this year’s game.


-Zach Attack

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